After Botox – Frequently Asked Questions About Post Botox Process

After Botox – Botox Was Done, Will I Come To The Control?

10-12 days after botox application. If there is something that is not right for you on the days (if there is any asymmetry, complication development or in cases where you think that the botox is not effective enough), we definitely want control. If everything is fine and we are satisfied with the botox procedure, there is no point in going for a checkup with an effort to make an additional dose. Remember, in such a case, additional doses will not provide you with additional benefits and will increase the chance of complications.

Does Botox Process Hurt?

After botox may cause a slight prickling pain (as I mentioned above, special botox needles with very thin tips) and a burning sensation when the botox drug is released into the muscle under the skin. For this reason, local anesthetic cream and ice are applied to the patient. When these creams are waited for appropriate times, they take the pain of the needle passing through the skin, but they have no effect on the burning sensation when injecting the drug. I think applying by supercooling with ice is a more effective method than cream, keep in mind.


Is Botox A Permanent Solution, İf Not How Long Does İt Last?

Botox (botox) process is not permanent. As the active substance in question begins to lose its function, a return to the pre-processing appearance is achieved gradually. Therefore, the botox process is not permanent. The permanence of this process varies between 4-6 months.

The duration of botox varies according to the patient’s personal situation. Therefore, please do not comment on the duration of your botox based on your other friends. While it is surprisingly long for some people, including the first applications, it can be surprisingly short for others.

What Should Be Done When The Effect Of Botox Wears Off?

If you like the look obtained with botox and you want this youthful appearance to last, you can repeat the botox, whose effect has started to wear off or whose effect has disappeared. It is recommended to renew botox without waiting for your wrinkles to fully return.

It may even be healthier for your skin. It has also been observed that the permanence period of the botox application is 1-2 months longer in people who have had botox repeatedly. (Rule of 4: 4 times every 4 months) The logic of this is that the muscle ends, which are used to standing in a certain position for a long time with the effect of botox, get used to standing in that way and the appearance of wrinkles is further reduced.

I Had Botox (Botox) Done, But Nothing Changed. What Could Have Happened?

After botox – Good question. There may be many reasons arising from the patient, physician and botox. Let me mention a few of them:

  • Botox (botox) cold chain may be broken. If this happened during transport, the physician has no chance to know. This disorder is not apparent by looking at the bottle.
  • Botox may have waited for a very long time after it was opened. It’s definitely not true.
  • Botox unit per unit has been reduced by excessive dilution. But please, let’s not forget that botox is used by diluting, I talked about the most extreme dilution. An experienced physician can predict whom to apply and at what dose.
  • The patient who has been treated with Botox may have done the things that were asked not to be done, consciously or unconsciously.
  • There may be antibodies against botox in our body (it is unlikely, but there is). It is definitely seen in those who have had botox before.
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