Bad Lip Filler

Bad lip filler is one of the most worrying issues for individuals who want to have lip augmentation. From time to time, you can hear about bad lip when spending time on their social media accounts or watch the news on TV.

It is natural to be seriously worried about such situations. In general, there are two different things that can cause this situation. If you do not take into account the recommendations of your doctor, the result of your lip augmentation procedure may be very bad. Another factor that can cause this situation is to have the application done by another person who is not a doctor.

In order not to endanger your health in beauty-related matters, you should have your lip filler procedure performed by a plastic surgeon with medical training. Otherwise, serious problems may arise and these situations may threaten your health.

Bad Lip Filler Outcomes

You should pay attention to each recommendation of your doctor so that bad lip filler outcome do not happen to you. In the recovery process, unfortunately, many individuals consider the advice of people who have had lip filler with successful results more important than the advice of doctors. However, this is completely wrong!


The anatomical and physiological structure of each individual is different from each other. Also, it is not possible to evaluate all the environmental conditions about an application at the same time. Suggestions from your close friends should never be important to you.

While your doctor gives you a warning, he/she gives suggestions based on the examination findings which belongs to you. This shows that he/she has data and gives the best recommendations for your health according to them. Therefore, you can definitely trust your doctor about any situation. If you do not heed the warnings, the risk of bad lip filler outcomes will increase. However, if you follow each of the warnings carefully during your recovery, you will likely have a great process and a great outcome.

Lip Filler Process

If you want to have a good lip filler treatment process, you should do your clinical research carefully. For this, you should consider the real comments of the individuals who go to the clinic about the doctor, and if there are images shared by the people about the result, you should examine them.

Also, you should not forget that if you are not comfortable with your doctor when you first go to the clinic, you do not have to be examined there. When you make the best start, your result is close to the best.

Working with an experienced and good service team is always more trustful. Of course, the most important point in order not to get a bad lip filler result will be the your clinic choice. During the first examination, you can ask your doctor about the opportunities that the clinic offers you, what issues it guarantees, whether they have had a bad result before and what advantages they will provide you during the process.

Lip Filler

In a good lip filling process;

  • Local anesthesia is applied.
  • The risk of infection is minimized by careful attention to all sterilization rules.
  • The filling material is chosen specifically for the person’s body.
  • It is questioned whether the person has sensitivity to filling materials.
  • Detailed examinations of the person are made and it is checked whether she/he is suitable for the procedure.
  • After the application, he/she is given training by his doctor about what he should pay attention to and why.
  • In the post-application process, your doctor and all other team members will always help you with your concerns and questions.

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