Botox Bruising Around The Eye Area

Is botox bruising around the eye area happens to every one? Actually, bruising and swelling situations are not huge problem after botox. These are only symptoms of healing but you need to rest and be careful about them to not to make them worsen and cause complications.

Most of the patients can return to their daily lives immediately after botox application. Botox injections have almost no side effects and these effects are temporary. During botox application, when the needle tip comes across a small capillary vessel during injection, there might be slight redness on the skin, rarely bleeding, temporary swelling and bruising.


Mild aches and pains may also occur. If the patient feels a pain above this average intensity while botox is being applied, it is likely that an injection has been made close to the vascular structures and there is a high probability of bruising. Bruising after botox application can be seen around the eyes. But this bruising is not a problem to be concern. It’s just something you should be careful about to heal faster.

Ice Treatment For Botox Bruising Around The Eye Area

Ice treatment and appropriate levels of pressure are highly common and suggested by the physicians to their patients due to the facts that it diminishes the blood pressure. Before the procedure, it is useful to inform the doctor about this situation, as the use of blood thinners and nutritional supplements will increase the possibility of bruising. After the treatment, the injection site muscles should be exercised.

Compelling exercise movements should also be avoided for 24 hours. If possible, it is better not to take these drugs 5-7 days before the treatment. Alcohol should not be consumed for a week before the application. Alcohol can also cause bleeding and bruising. Bruising is not an effective condition on botox effect.

However, if the patient puts pressure on the bruising in the first 1-2 days, they may cause the botox to disperse from the desired place and cause its undesirable effects. As a result, botox bruising around the eye is quite common among most of the patients and there are various ways to prevent it.


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