Botox Bruising Crow’s Feet

Botox Bruising Crow’s Feet

Botox Bruising Crow’s Feet : The first signs of aging occur around your eyes. These are called crow’s feet. It is possible to get rid of this appearance in minutes with crow’s feet botox application. It may take approximately 3-4 days for the effects of the procedure to be seen. The effect of Botox  may vary from person to person. It usually takes effect after the first 3 days at the earliest and within two weeks at the latest.

Let’s talk about the undesirable effects that may occur after the application. In botox application around crow’s feet, some effects can sometimes be seen as a result of the needle coinciding with the veins. These effects; It is temporary redness and bruising on the face after Botox.

This is quite normal after botox. Even facial swelling may occur. The redness effect will not last long. The time for the swelling to go down can also take 1-2 days, you don’t have to worry. But the effect of bruising lasts a little longer. In about a week, the bruising will gradually pass. In cases where there is no improvement during this period, you can consult your doctor.

Botox Bruising Crow's Feet
Botox Bruising Crow’s Feet

How Crow’s Feet Bruising Pass After Botox? – Botox Bruising Crow’s Feet

The first half hour is very important to overcome the bruising that occurs after crow’s feet botox application in the lightest way. Ice should be applied within half an hour after the application. Pressing movements to remove bruises after botox can reduce the effect of botox or create an undesirable different effect. Therefore, if ice is not applied in the first half hour, applications that will put pressure on the botox area should not be applied within the next 1-2 days.

There are precautions you can take personally.  Before or after Botox application, you should avoid alcohol consumption or blood thinning products for the period determined by your doctor. Because this condition thins the blood, it can cause bleeding and bruises. In addition, movements that require bending down should be avoided for the first few days. To avoid bruising, you should not act on your own. It is possible to get detailed information about this subject by consulting your doctor.

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