Botox for Smoker Lines – Do You Need a Fix for Smoker Lines?

Botox for smoker lines – Smoker lines are often referred to as smoker’s wrinkles or smile lines and are the fine horizontal lines that appear on the lips and around the eyes of people who smoke cigarettes and cigars. Smoker lines can be very hard to remove, especially since they typically aren’t treated with the same kind of products that are used to remove wrinkles in other parts of the face like crow’s feet and frown lines. Because of this, many people choose to use Botox as their form of treatment for these fine lines and wrinkles. Below, you can find everything you need to know about Botox treatment for smoker lines.

What Are Smoker Lines?

Botox for smoker lines – Smoker lines are wrinkles that form around your mouth and nose due to years of smoking cigarettes. In addition to destroying your skin, smoker lines can make you look older than you actually are and make it hard to smile or laugh without feeling self-conscious about the deep cracks in your skin. If you’re interested in fixing smoker lines, there are various treatments that can help—from dermal fillers and lasers to botox injections and surgery.

Depending on how severe the lines are, your doctor will recommend the best treatment option for you. For milder cases, we often recommend patients try one of our many noninvasive options before moving on to invasive procedures. If you want to learn more about our nonsurgical solutions, come visit us at . We’ll be happy to show you all of our available treatment options!

How Does Botox Help With Smoker Lines? – Botox for Smoker Lines

Botox for smoker lines – Botox is often used to treat smoker lines and it can also help with crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and furrowed brows. Smoking constricts blood vessels in your skin, which leads to these unsightly wrinkles and creases around your mouth and eyes. The muscles that are responsible for those creases relax when you smoke, but they can be tightened up with botox injections.

Who is A Good Candidate For Treatment?

Botox is an injectable treatment that can be used to reduce wrinkles, particularly smoker lines on the top lip and along the mouth. If you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco, botox may be a good option for you to help combat smoker lines without having to quit smoking altogether.

If you are a smoker and would like more information about how botox can help with your wrinkles, contact our office today to schedule your consultation!

botox for smoker lines

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Botox treatment can take as little as 10 minutes to administer, and will last anywhere from three to six months depending on your body’s reaction to it. The results are instantaneous and can be seen immediately after treatment.

Treatment takes about an hour, but the results are visible in seconds so you’ll know if it’s working before you leave the clinic.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Botox may not be appropriate for everyone. Although most people experience few to no side effects, some may experience bruising, headache or irritation at the injection site. Some patients have also experienced temporary drooping of their eyelids and dry eye after treatment, so it’s recommended to talk with your doctor before starting any treatment plan if you have these symptoms or are at risk of developing them.

How Long Do The Results Last?

Botox is an effective solution, but it’s not permanent. The effects last about three to four months and can be repeated every few months or as often as needed to maintain results. Some patients experience an onset of their smoker lines after only a few weeks due to muscle contraction from being in so many years of smoking. These lines return even quicker once smoking has ceased because the muscles relax with no nicotine available for them to contract.


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