Bruising After Lip Injections: Everything About After The Lip Injection

Bruising after lip injections and swelling may occur after the procedure and that’s normal. Typically, this will disappear in about a week. However, your lips will feel tender and may swell for a day or two, giving the appearance of a larger lip enhancement.

Your lips may also feel sore, so it’s important to keep a cool, dry environment around them afterward. Once the hyaluronic acid has absorbed water from your body, they should regain their normal appearance.

Although lip injections are generally painless, they do cause some bruising. This is common and will go away over time depending on the type of filler and the site of the procedure. Your doctor may give you some aftercare instructions to minimize the possibility of bruising.

Applying ice to the injected area after the procedure will help reduce the pain and reduce the amount of swelling. Avoid taking aspirin and sitting upright for a few hours after the procedure. Following these tips will help you recover faster and prevent future bruising.

What You Can Do For Bruising After Lip Injections?

Avoid exercise the day after the procedure. Exercising increases your blood pressure and heart rate, which can lead to bruising. In addition, your doctor may suggest that you avoid strenuous activity for at least 24 hours. If you must engage in physical activity, try to limit your activities to light activities.


It’s important to let your lip injections heal before you do any physical activity. In some cases, bruising may be worse than the first one. If you have had previous injections, consult a doctor for more information.

Applying a topical cream before bed can help reduce the bruising. You should also avoid direct sunlight, saunas, and hot showers. If you’re experiencing severe bruising, you should not exercise right after your procedure. This can cause more bruising and swelling. If you do, you may want to use a numbing agent like Tylenol. But you should avoid NSAIDs, as they increase bruising.

Bruising After A Lip Injection Treatment

The best way to deal with bruising after lip injections is to stay active. Your lips should be bare for 24 hours, or you should use a topical cream.

This will help reduce the bruising after lip injections. But if you have had a previous surgery, make sure to wait for a day to recover. This can prolong the healing process. If you’ve had any invasive procedures, consult with a cosmetic surgeon.

The treatment can be painful and cause bruising. Aside from ice, you can also apply a topical cream containing vitamin K. Arnica is a natural, homeopathic remedy that relieves sore muscles and bruising. You can purchase it over the counter.

You should apply this to the area immediately after your procedure to minimize the pain and swelling. This cream can be used to prevent bruising.

It’s important to stay active for at least a week after lip injections to avoid bruising. You should avoid alcohol and any activities that cause dilation of blood vessels.

You should avoid exercise for at least a few days, and you should avoid heavy lifting for at least a week after the procedure. You should also avoid putting pressure on the affected area. You should not massage it vigorously as this will exacerbate the bruising.

After your injection, you should avoid alcohol, hot showers, and direct sunlight for at least a few days. The injection site will be irritated for 24 hours, so don’t rush to use your makeup. You should wait a full 24 hours before you put any make-up on your lips. As much as possible, sleep with your head slightly elevated and avoid exerting undue pressure on the treated areas.

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