Chin Thinning with Botox

Chin Thinning with Botox – Botox (botox) is a toxin produced from a bacterium called colustridium botulinium. This bacteria is not snake venom, which is a very wrong belief. Well, what? We can say that it is a corrupt canned poison, but it is simplified a million times over.

Chin Thinning with Botox – Why Can Our Jaw Look Thıck?

Chin Thinning with Botox – There may be many cases where our chin appears unilateral (asymmetrical) or bilaterally thicker than normal. In general, these situations can be caused by one or both sides of our jaw muscles being more voluminous. (Masseter muscle hypertrophy). When we say chin (face) thinning treatment with botox, it is only used if it is caused by the size of our lower jaw muscle (Masseter muscle). Chin thinning treatment with botox is not used for reasons that thicken or ovalize the other face or chin.

It is not necessary to look for a reason under this muscle size (Masseter muscle hypertrophy), but it may be related to voluntary or involuntary overuse of the muscle. Any type of red muscle cells that are loaded more than normal will grow. (Like people who are engaged in body sports) If there is a problem or numerical deficiency in the teeth in our mouth, the right and left sides of our jaw will not be loaded symmetrically during chewing and the muscle on the side with the heavy load may become larger. (Masseter muscle hypertrophy). This is only one of the possible causes and muscle enlargement can occur without any problems.

Some of the other reasons that make our chin or face appear thicker and/or oval are as follows, and if our doctor has told us that we have one of these reasons, botox will definitely not be the solution:

  • There may be largeness or abnormality in our bone structure (especially the corner of the jaw in men). This condition may be congenital or may occur after trauma.
  • Our face may have a lot of adipose tissue (When we gain weight, these areas will naturally enlarge because they contain fat.)
  • There may be benign or malignant formations occupying some space on the lower sides of the lower jaw on our face. These formations can be in our soft tissue (in the cheek) or in the bone.
  • Our face may be swollen due to any discomfort that we know or do not know.


How Is Jaw (Facıal) Thınnıng Done Wıth Botox?

If we paralyze this enlarged muscle (Masseter muscle) by applying botox and restrict it from working, the muscle will shrink because it cannot work and a more normal appearance will appear in the chin. While performing the jaw thinning procedure with Botox, the patient is repeatedly told to clenched his teeth and the enlarged muscle and the points to be made on this muscle are determined. Botox units determined by the physician are made from 2-3 points in each case and the treatment is terminated.

I Have Joın (Face) Thınnıng Wıth Botox, Would My Chıckıng And Speakıng Functıons Be Imposed?

No. Jaw (face) thinning with Botox means that if it is applied correctly, botox has been applied to the masseter muscle, which is only one of the chewing muscles in our chin. This muscle will never lose 100% of its function, and other masticatory muscles will be able to continue their task. Since it is not a muscle related to speech, it certainly does not cause speech disorders.

Is Jaw (Facıal) Thınnıng Wıth Botox A Paınful Procedure?

Chin Thinning with Botox – Facial thinning with Botox, like all botox applications, is done with small and thin needles of a certain length. (Needles long enough to pass through the skin and subcutaneous tissue and reach the muscle tissue). Local anesthetic creams to be applied on the skin before the application and ice application during the procedure eliminate the pain very seriously. However, we all know that the pain threshold varies a lot from person to person.

Is There A Combıned Treatment In Jaw (Facıal) Thınnıng Treatment Wıth Botox?

Yes. While thinning the chin (face) with Botox, we can also lift the face up with the fillings to be made in the cheekbone and front of the ear, and we can create a serious face thinning look. Here, we make use of the lifting effect of the fillings by making them deeper, not the filling, i.e. volumizing effect. (Otherwise, we could have thought that it would fill a round face with a bidet and make it even more voluminous, but it is not so)

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