Dermal Fillers Under Eyes – The Non-Surgical Way to a More Youthful Appearance

Dermal fillers under eyes – Dermal fillers have become increasingly popular among older adults in recent years as a means of instantly reducing the appearance of aging under the eyes. Dermal fillers are designed to rejuvenate the delicate area under the eye and can also be used to increase the volume of other parts of the face, such as cheeks and lips. Some people believe that dermal fillers are the perfect non-surgical way to hide the signs of aging; however, this isn’t entirely true.

Should I Get Dermal Fillers Under Eyes?

Dermal fillers under the eyes can be an excellent non-surgical way to reduce dark circles, which can give your skin a more youthful appearance. But does it work? Here are some of the benefits:

  • You don’t have any downtime after dermal fillers–or any other injectable treatment for that matter– so you can continue on with your day as usual.
  • Some even believe they do an excellent job of eliminating deep wrinkles and crows feet!

To get started, here is what you need to know about dermal fillers:

  • There are two types of filler substances – synthetic polymers and natural ingredients like collagen or hyaluronic acid.
  • Natural ingredients are typically better because they last longer than synthetic polymers; but at the same time, if there is an allergic reaction to one ingredient then all your efforts could go up in smoke.

How Do They Work?

Dermal fillers under eyes work by plumping up the skin around them and providing additional support. The best filler for this area is Bellafill, which uses your own body’s cells so there’s no chance of it causing an allergic reaction or turning into something else. In fact, Bellafill has been shown to last twice as long as other treatments. It also takes less time to heal than dermal fillers that are injected on top of the skin. Bellafill works better on older patients who need more support in this area, but younger patients can still get good results with it too.


What Do They Cost?

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, sodium polyacrylate, or collagen. However, the most commonly used filler is JUVÉDERM® which contains both HA and polyacrylate. This can cost anywhere from $250 to $1000. Other fillers range in price and can last up to six months depending on what you get injected.

One downside is that dermal fillers cannot be used around your eyes if you have any kind of active infection or condition. If this applies to you, then your doctor will not use them. There are many risks involved with getting injections like bruising and hematoma (accumulation of blood under the skin). For those who don’t want surgery but want an easier solution for wrinkles around their eyes may want to consider dermal fillers as an option!

What Are They Made Of?

Dermal fillers under eyes – The main ingredients of dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid, polymethylmethacrylate microspheres, hydroxyapatite and polyacrylamide gel. Each ingredient has its own benefits, however hyaluronic acid and polymethylmethacrylate microspheres have been the most scientifically studied. For those who are concerned about allergic reactions to the filler material, there is an extensive list of test that must be performed by your doctor.

How Long Do They Last?

The most popular way to deal with sagging skin under the eyes is through surgery, which can be costly and not worth it if you just want the small area around your eyes improved. Dermal fillers are less expensive, but will also last for a shorter amount of time before requiring touch up. The good news is that unlike surgery, dermal fillers in the eyelid areas don’t require any downtime post procedure.

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