Everything About Lip Fillers Before and After

The lip fillers before and after process is really important. It is in your hands to prevent the development of any complications, to heal quickly and to spend the healing process comfortably.

First of all, you must make sure that you have the procedure done by a plastic surgeon, and the procedure must be performed in a sterile manner in a clinical setting. After this stage, your doctor will be your greatest helper and will tell you about some pre- and post-procedure situations that need attention. Let’s take a look at these together.

Lip Fillers Before and After: Before The Treatment

In the lip fillers before and after process, we should first talk about the things you need to pay attention to in the pre-application period. During this period, you should eat well, not consume too much salty foods and limit your alcohol consumption.

Make sure you stay away from foods and drinks that contain alcohol for at least 72 hours before. In this process, alcohol intake dilutes the blood and increases the risk of bleeding and edema. Excessive bleeding and edema can lead to problems such as infection and failure of the procedure.

Another thing to note is that you should not smoke at least 24 hours before the procedure. Smoking can lead to failure of anesthesia administration.


Lip Fillers Before and After: After The Treatment

What you need to pay attention to after the application is a little more than before the application. If you are careful about complications in this process, you can both heal faster and you will not have any problems. In this section, we will cover the after part of the lip fillers before and after process.

There are parts of the After process that are similar to before. For example, in order not to delay healing, you should not smoke for at least 1 day after the application. Since smoking causes the tissues to not receive enough oxygen, it can delay healing.

Restricting alcohol use is also very important during this period. No food or drink containing alcohol should be consumed for at least 3 days (72 hours).

You should eat healthy, sleep regularly and rest for at least 3 days. You should stay away from all activities that require intense physical activity such as sports, house cleaning, car washing, garden maintenance. Such actions increase your heart rate, and the increased heart rate can cause bleeding and bruising.

Another thing to be careful about is to avoid places where there is hot water vapor, such as a bath or sauna. If you are going to take a cold shower, you can wash the part down your neck.

When consuming foods or drinks, you should also be careful that they are not too cold or too hot. Consume foods that will not force the mouth too much while chewing, such as salad.

Pay close attention to water consumption; because lip tissues need water to recover during the healing process.

If your doctor recommends it, you can massage your lips with an ice pack. However, do not massage with an ice pack if your doctor does not allow it. While applying ice, do not hold the ice directly to your lips and wrap the ice with a cloth beforehand.

Do not tilt your head forward on the first day and avoid sudden head movements. Such actions may cause the injected lip filler to spread to unwanted tissues. Also lying face down while sleeping at night can have the same effect on the lips.

If you have any questions or notice complications, contact your doctor immediately.

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