Excessive Sweating Treatments with Botox

Sweating treatments with botox – Botox (botox) is a toxin produced from a bacterium called colustridium botulinium. This bacteria is not snake venom, which is a very wrong belief. Well, what? We can say that it is a corrupt canned poison, but it is simplified a million times over.

Sweating (especially under the armpits) is a serious social problem. There is hardly anyone who does not sweat under the armpits during the summer months, but the severity of this sweating may differ. With the realization of sweating, the bacteria that are normally found in our armpit, which is a fold area, start to reproduce more than necessary, and this results in a bad smell of sweat. People who have sweaty palms in summer and winter, on the other hand, can take on a more serious psychology and avoid even shaking hands.

The most innocent solution to all these problems, albeit temporary, is botox application. It is applied to the armpits or the entire palm and fingers, and the tiny muscles of the sweat glands that expel the sweat and are in the skin are paralyzed. Thus, sweating is reduced or almost eliminated.

Sweating Treatments with Botox – Is It Dangerous To Stop Sweatıng?

Sweating treatments with botox – Sweating is an undeniable physiology and is somehow for our health. In cases where the body is overheated, the skin sweats and releases liquid to the surface, and as this liquid evaporates, it controls the temperature of the body by lowering it. Just as there is a coolness when we wash the balcony in summer days, the mechanism is actually the same. The size of the skin area surrounding the body of an adult human (assume 175cm tall and 75 kg) is around 2 m2.

Of course, although it varies according to physical characteristics, we know that even though people are completely the same physically, the amount and regions of sweating are different. Now let’s say we do botox and reduce sweating in the armpits or palms.

How many cm2 of total area do we reduce sweating? This is not a very important amount of space inside the body. The body will tolerate this easily and it will not harm us. You may know that surgeries are performed for sweating (such as cutting the sympathetic chain through the rib cage), and in these cases, sweating sometimes decreases in the whole half of the body. For this reason, the areas where sweating is reduced are not very important areas in the treatment of sweating with botox.


Wıll There Be An Increase In Sweatıng In Other Regıons After Sweatıng Botox?

Sometimes in the chest, back and face area, yes, but after 15 days, it usually settles and the plus sweating it gives you returns to normal.

How Is Sweatıng Botox Made?

It is applied into the skin layer with small injectors with fine needle tip (30G-31G-32G thickness specially produced for Botox). The aim is to block the work of the sweat glands, which contain sweat in the skin and squirt it on the surface. Thus, a direct effect is provided on the skin layer where the problem occurs.

This process may cause a slight prickling pain (as I mentioned above, special botox needles with very thin tips) and a burning sensation with the skin release of the botox drug. For this reason, local anesthetic cream and ice are applied to the patient.

When these creams are waited for appropriate times, they take the pain of the needle passing through the skin, but they have no effect on the burning sensation when injecting the drug. I think applying by supercooling with ice is a more effective method than cream, keep in mind. If the sweat test (iodine-starch test) is applied to determine the areas that sweat excessively, there is a chance to inject higher doses into those areas and the results will be more successful.

Is Sweatıng Botox Dıfferent From Cosmetıc Botox?

Sweating treatments with botox – Botox used in the treatment of sweating is exactly the same. Only the amount of botox applied is higher than the amount of botox used for cosmetic purposes (up to 2-3 times). I am writing again, only the amount, the botox unit applied is different (more). Therefore, the cost is higher than wrinkle treatments.



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