Filler Under Eyes Bruising

Filler under eyes bruising can occur as a result of filler injections. There are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of bruising. One of the most important steps is to avoid substances that can cause bleeding.

Another tip is to apply cold compresses to the area to decrease swelling. It is also helpful to keep your head elevated to prevent bruising. After the injections, make sure you wash your face thoroughly and keep the area clean and dry.

Before your treatment, your doctor will clean your face and disinfect it with alcohol to prevent infection. Depending on the type of filler, your doctor may also use an ice pack. If you have a history of bruising, your medical professional may prescribe a topical anesthetic to prevent bruising.

After removing the anesthetic, the medical professional will inject the filler using a blunt or sharp needle. Your doctor will carefully withdraw the needle to ensure that the filler is distributed evenly across your eye. Then, he will perform a second injection in the opposite eyelid to correct the other side.

What To Do To Prevent Filler Under Eyes Bruising?

There are different types of filler, but the most common one is hyaluronic acid. Since it is not a permanent solution, there is a low chance of bruising after the treatment. It also degrades in the long term, so the results will not be permanent.

Once the filler is gone, the area will be smooth. If you have larger bags under your eyes, you may want to consider a surgical procedure such as blepharoplasty.


If you have a history of bruising from filler injections, your medical professional will clean and disinfect the area to avoid infection. They will also apply a topical anesthetic and an ice pack to avoid bruising. Then, your medical professional will inject the filler using a blunt or sharp needle.

Then, they will slowly withdraw the needle to ensure that the filler spreads evenly. The procedure is repeated on the other eyelid.

If you have under eye bags, you should be aware that some of them are caused by fat herniating through the under eye muscles. Under eye filler can hide these areas. This is a common side effect of filler injections.

It is important to consult with your physician to get an accurate diagnosis. The treatment will be performed in two stages. If you experience bruising, the first injection should be repeated to the other eyelid.

How To Reduce Filler Under Eyes Bruising?

Injections under the eyes can also worsen your lymphatic system and result in more swelling and bruising.

Your doctor will be able to tell you what type of filler to use to minimize this effect. It is important to note that your doctor will determine whether you need additional injections. You should also discuss this with your doctor before the procedure. Once you have a clear vision, you can smile with confidence.

If you’ve decided to have filler under your eyes, you must consult with a medical professional. A good dermatologist should be able to evaluate the risk of filler under eyes bruising. The procedure should be done in

stages, with the first injection affecting the inner corners of the eyes. The procedure should be over-filled with filler to avoid bruising. The second injection should be done a day later.

To minimize the risk of bruising after filler, you should consult a physician prior to surgery. During the procedure, a medical professional will use a sterilization solution to disinfect the skin. A topical anesthetic is also used.

You should also be aware of any allergies that may arise. You should always tell your doctor if you are allergic to any ingredients. You should also tell your doctor if you have any medical conditions. You can get the right filler for your particular needs.

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