Gum Treatment with Botox – Gummy Smile

Gum Treatment with Botox – Botox (botox) is a toxin produced from a bacterium called colustridium botulinium. This bacteria is not snake venom, which is a very wrong belief. Well, what? We can say that it is a corrupt canned poison, but it is simplified a million times over.

What Is Gummy Smıle?

Gummy smile is the appearance of the upper gums more than normal when talking and/or laughing. The incidence of gummy smile in the society does not exceed 10%. Since the usage (gum smile) is not common when translated into Turkish, English language (gummy smile) is generally preferred.

How Is A Gummy Smıle A Problem?

It makes the teeth and mouth appear larger than they are. Having a gummy smile is an important social problem that affects smile aesthetics. Especially people who are in the spotlight do not want to have a gummy smile problem. In the photos taken (selfie or normal rear camera), the appearance of the gums while smiling makes people uncomfortable. In some, the gummy smile, which is of low severity, has become an obsession, while in others, even a heavy gummy smile may seem normal and sometimes they are not even aware of it.

Gum Treatment with Botox – How To Treat Gummy Smıle Wıth Botox?

Gum Treatment with Botox – It is treated by reducing the excessive contraction of the muscles that provide the smile, and botox (botox) is used practically in the treatment. The application is completed with injections made at 2 to 5 points depending on the condition of the problem (weight of the gummy smile table). These injection points are the points where the upper lip and the wings of the nose intersect, the middle of the nose – upper lip junction, the sides of the nasal root. Injections are generally painless and the effect lasts up to 4-6 months.


Is Gummy Smıle Treatment Wıth Botox A Paınful Procedure?

Gum Treatment with Botox – Although the pain threshold is different for everyone and the sensation of pain is a somewhat subjective finding, it should not be forgotten that this treatment is done with a needle like other botox treatments. Very thin (31G-32G-33G tipped botox needles) are used. Before the procedure, the areas that need botox application are anesthetized with creams containing local anesthetics, and if necessary, ice application is added to try to keep the pain at a minimum. Still, I won’t feel any pain, please put me to sleep…

What Should I Consıder After The Gummy Smıle Treatment Wıth Botox?

We do not wear make-up on the same day as there is a needle insertion through the skin after the treatment of gum smile (gummy smile) with Botox. We avoid excessive alcohol intake as it dilates blood vessels. We are not in extremely hot water and steamy environments. There is no harm in taking a shower at normal temperatures and times. There is no need for behaviors that restrict our jaw and lip movements (I should not open my mouth, I should talk less, I should not laugh, etc.). It doesn’t give you any benefits.

Can The Gummy Smıle Treatment Wıth Botox Have An Effect On Other Muscles Of My Face?

If it is applied to the right points by an experienced physician (I think a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or dentist), it will not pose any problems. However, it should not be forgotten that botox is a liquid drug and there is a rare possibility of spreading.

Does Gum Smıle (Gummy Smıle Treatment) Wıth Botox Cause Speech And/Or Chewing Disorders?

No. When the gum smile treatment is done properly, since the facial muscles related to chewing or speaking will not be affected, the functions of these muscles will not be impaired.

Is Gummy Smıle Treatment Wıth Botox Dıfferent From Botox Treatment For Wrınkles?

Gummy smile with Botox is an application to completely different points and muscles. You will see that the amount of botox injected is quite different from other applications.

Can Botox Solve All Gummy Smıle Problems?

No. However, before the treatment with botox, it is necessary to reveal the cause of the gum smile (gummy smile). Gummy smile can be caused by tooth, gingiva, short upper lip structure and skeletal problems, apart from muscle problems (Responsible muscles are levator labi superior alaque nasi, levator labi superior, depressor septa nasi, zygomatic major and zygomatic minor muscles). Therefore, sometimes solutions may be gingival shortening and some jaw surgeries or dentistry applications.

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