Hair Botox Treatment– The New Way to achieve Silky, Smooth Hair

Hair botox treatment – Botox has come to the hair industry, and it’s ready to change the way we care for our locks forever. Botox, known more commonly as botulinum toxin, has long been used in the skin care industry to provide wrinkle reduction and removal of unwanted wrinkles on the face, neck, and around the eyes. Now, there’s Botox for hair, also known as botulinum toxin type A injections into the scalp that target nerves and muscle fibers in order to decrease the production of a certain enzyme that can create frizz and cause dryness in certain types of hair.

Hair Botox Treatment – Why Do We Need Botox İn Our Hair?

Hair botox treatment – We all want smooth, silky hair that is free of frizz. But sometimes, no matter how much we condition or straighten our hair, it just doesn’t seem to cooperate. That’s where hair botox comes in. Botox is a treatment that can help to smooth out your hair, making it more manageable and giving you the sleek look you desire. Plus, it can also help to protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling and coloring.

And with treatments costing around $100 per session, it won’t break the bank! So if you’ve been struggling with unmanageable hair for years and don’t know what to do about it, then hair botox might be worth considering.

What İs İt?

Hair botox is a new hair treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. The process works by injecting a botulinum toxin into the scalp. This toxin then relaxes the muscles in the scalp, which in turn reduces the amount of sebum produced.

This results in less oily, smoother hair. In addition, hair botox can also help to reduce hair loss. By removing sebum, the hairs are able to stay healthy and strong. The best part about this process is that it lasts up to three months!

How İs Hair Botox Applied?

The hair is first washed with a PH+ shampoo.

Hair botox must be applied to clean hair.

The product is applied from the roots of the hair to the ends of the hair as if applying paint.

A very strong blow-dry is taken from the bottom to the tip.

Then, the hair is straightened with a straightener at a temperature suitable for the hair structure.

It should not be forgotten that shampoo and hair care creams recommended by your hairdresser should be used to ensure the permanence of hair botox.


What Are The Side Effects?

Although hair botox is generally safe, there are a few potential side effects that you should be aware of. These include temporary scalp irritation, hair loss, and changes in hair texture. If you experience any of these side effects, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Hair loss or other symptoms may last up to six months following treatment.

How Long Does İt Last?

Hair botox can last anywhere from 2-6 months. Depending on the person’s hair type, the treatment can last shorter or longer. For example, someone with fine hair may only need the treatment every 2 months, while someone with thicker hair may need it every 6 months.

How Much Does İt Cost?

A single treatment of hair botox can cost anywhere from $100 to $400, depending on the length and thickness of your hair and the salon you visit. However, the average cost for a treatment is around $200. The price may seem high at first, but it’s worth it for the long-term results. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run because you won’t need to use as much shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products.

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