How To Prevent Bruising From Botox?

how to prevent bruising from botox; a lot of people afraid of burising from botox. The biggest reason for this is seeing horrible cases of botox bruising on social media or on TV. Is it really possible to achieve such bad results? In this content, we will talk about these details and the answers to some questions about botox that you may wonder. How To Prevent Bruising

Application Place – How To Prevent Bruising

In order to reduce the risk of experiencing problems in Botox application, it is recommended that the application be performed by a plastic surgeon. People with medical education are always the most reliable professionals in aesthetic procedures.

In addition, it is very important that the applications are carried out under sterile conditions in the clinical environment. For this reason, the first thing those who wonder the answer to the question of how to prevent bruising from botox is you should go to a clinic.

Personal Errors – How To Prevent Bruising

Your doctor will tell you all you need to know about botox before and after the procedure. In this process, any situation that your doctor wants you to be careful about will reduce the risk of complications.

Many individuals experience the bruising from botox problem when they ignore their doctor’s recommendations or apply what they hear from their environment without consulting their doctor. Your doctor should guide you, not the information you get from your environment. How To Prevent Bruising

You should not forget that each individual’s body works in a unique way and what individuals who have not received medical education learned through trial and error may not be suitable for you.

How To Prevent Bruising Due To Botox Treatment?

There are many factors that you need to be careful before and after botox application, and these are extremely important to prevent many different complications, including bruising.

How To Prevent Bruising From Botox?
How To Prevent Bruising From Botox?

Alcohol Consumption – How To Prevent Bruising

It is very important that you limit alcohol consumption before and after the botox application. Since alcohol thins the blood, it can lead to bleeding and bruising. At the same time, the dehydration and edema collection properties of alcohol will negatively affect the healing process. How To Prevent Bruising

In addition, you should not forget that smokers should not smoke on the day of the procedure and the day after.

Posture and Position – How To Prevent Bruising

One of the answers to the question of how to prevent bruising due to botox treatment is about your posture.

For the first 4 hours after the procedure, you should keep your body upright and not tilt your head forward. It is also forbidden to lie on your face in the first days. Such wrong positions may cause the filler material injected into your lips to leak into unwanted places. That’s why you have to be careful. How To Prevent Bruising

Edema and Bruise – How To Prevent Bruising

After the application, the tissues enter the healing process and some bruising, redness, edema and swelling are considered normal during this period. There is no way to block them up to 100%. Because the filler substance is injected under the skin.

Meanwhile, tiny capillaries causing minor bleeding under the skin and edema collecting in the tissues during the healing process are normal conditions that should not be worried. You should definitely not use cosmetics to cover such images. This can be very dangerous. How To Prevent Bruising

However, if these symptoms are much more severe than expected and there is a whitening of the skin around the edges of your lips and a cooling associated with the white color, you should report it immediately.

Such symptoms may be a sign of vascular occlusion, and tissue death may occur if it is delayed. Therefore, you should carefully check yourself in the mirror from time to time.

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