Lip Filler Aftercare

Lip filler aftercare is a very important period after the procedure. There are some situations that should be considered during this period. By completely doing what you need to avoid and do, you will be protected from possible complications and you can get through the healing process more quickly.

We all want to have a beautiful facial expression and a breathtaking smile. For this, the lip filler procedure, which has very few side effects and has an easy recovery process, is often preferred. Full lips are important for the most popular smile style in many countries. Another benefit of having lip filler treatment is that it allows individuals to rehearse before permanent lip augmentation surgery.

Lip Filler Aftercare Process

People who have lip filler application should be careful about certain issues in order to protect themselves against undesirable results. The doctor will definitely inform the person about these situations before the procedure. In addition, you should consult your doctor beforehand about any situation that is not mentioned and that comes to your mind. In this way, you will learn in advance whether the work you will do causes complications and protect yourself.

Some situations that you should be careful in the lip filler aftercare process;

After Botox application, individuals may want to relax the area by massaging. However, massaging may cause the injected substance to spread to unwanted places and cause the procedure to fail. In fact, it is not recommended for the person who has botox to tilt his/her head forward. When the head is tilted forward, the injected substance may spread to undesirable areas. For the same reason, it is also wrong to lie face down during the healing process.


Alcohol should not be consumed in the first 3 days of the lip filler aftercare process. If this period is extended until the swelling subsides, a better and smoother healing process can be achieved.

After the application, blood thinners should not be used and even foods with blood thinning properties should not be consumed.

Sauna and hot water should be avoided during the recovery period after the procedure. You should also ask your doctor for how long you should not bathe.

No physical activity is recommended for at least 24 hours. Since doing sports increases blood pressure, doing sports before the tissues heal can cause complications.

Before Lip Filler

The before lip filler process is as important as your lip filler aftercare process. There are some situations that you should be careful during this period. Individuals who fulfill the requirements to be careful in both these processes can have a nearly 100% problem-free process. Things to consider before lip filler treatment;

You should stop drinking alcohol a few days before. Do not smoke on the day of application and the day after, so that the effectiveness of the anesthesia does not decrease and the healing process does not prolong.

If you are using blood thinners, you can stop it under the supervision of a doctor and start again when the healing process is completed. However, if it is not possible to take a break from your blood thinner medication, then different options than botox may be recommended for you.

Before you come to the practice session, you should be neither hungry nor full. You should not neglect to drink plenty of water during this process.

If you have had dental treatment simultaneously with botox application, you should postpone the application session. Infections in the teeth may adversely affect the application of lip fillers.

If herpes occurs around the mouth, lip fillers should not be applied until they heal.

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