Lip Filler Before After

Lip filler before after is an issue that individuals who want to have the application for the first time. There is a point that you should be careful when examining the images about how much difference there is before and after the application. This point you should pay attention to is that the person is given as much volume as he or she wants while applying. For this reason, when you see a small change in some images and a large volume difference in some images, you should not think that the reason for this is the doctor performing the application.

Before a good clinical practice, they ask you how much change you want. They can show you how this will probably look on you through digital photos of yourself. This way you can get an idea of what the result will be for the look you want and whether you really like it.

Lip Filler Before After Swelling

You should not forget that there are many points to be considered about lip filler before after swelling. It is normal for people to have edema after many types of surgery and is expected by doctors. By paying attention to some situations that the individual can do in this regard, they can reduce lip filler before after swelling.

For example, you should not consume any kind of alcohol for 72 hours before and after the application day. You should not consume foods or drinks that contain even small amounts of alcohol. Alcohol dilutes the blood and causes an increase in the amount of edema. Therefore, when you drink alcohol, problems may arise during the application. When you drink alcohol after the lip filler procedure, the amount of swelling may increase, bleeding may occur and the risk of infection may increase.


In order not to experience such problems, you should pay attention to every situation that your doctor has indicated for you. Individuals with bad lip filler results are generally those who do not pay attention to the situations their doctors indicate or whose doctors do not take care of themselves enough. Although a bad result can be reversed, there may be a serious decrease in your quality of life during the waiting period and such situations may cause trauma to you.

Before Lip Filler

Lip fillers are considered more important than after before when making a before after review. However, both periods have a very important role in the outcome of the process. Before applying, you should definitely start working with a doctor who is really interested in you, you liked and you feel comfortable with.

Your doctor will inform you in detail about what you should pay attention to before coming to the clinic to attend the practice session. By paying due attention to these situations, you can prevent a possible complication.

After Lip Filler

The period in which the individual has the most responsibility in the application process of lip fillers is the after period. In this process, the more careful people treat their health and care, the faster and better the result will be.

During this period, you should pay attention to your diet, always consult your doctor about the drugs you drink, and do everything your doctor says.

It is not right to lift heavy objects, force the body, and not rest in the first days. You may need taking time off from school or work for the first days.

You should act by asking your doctor, not the way you hear from your close friends. When you want to apply what you hear from your friends, you should first ask your doctor.

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