Lip Fillers Aftercare

Lip fillers aftercare is the process where the responsibility of the person begins to prevent complications and accelerate healing. After having lip fillers, you should apply the conditions specified by your doctor in a controlled manner. There are also things you can do to speed healing. The most important thing is that you are resting at home during this period. Here are the things you should pay attention to in the lip fillers after process…

Preventing Spread to Undesirable Tissues

People who have the lip fillers procedure should not lie face down on the first day. It is also not right to lean forward too much. In addition, the area where lip fillers are applied should not be massaged and should not be cleaned by rubbing. It is necessary to wait a few days for such actions and allow the tissues to heal. Otherwise, the filler material may spread outside the lip and cause an undesirable result.

Edema and Bruise

Edema, bruising, redness and swelling can be seen on the lips due to the fillers. These are the symptoms your doctor is waiting for and will go away on their own in a few days. In the lip fillers aftercare process to reduce edema and swelling, you should avoid foods containing high in sodium and salt. You should drink lots of water.

Sudden Temperature Change

After lip fillers, places with hot water and hot steam should be avoided. In addition, very hot and very cold foods and drinks should not be consumed. Sudden temperature changes can cause an undesirable complication on the lips.

If you want to do a cold compress on your lips, you should consult your doctor if it is suitable for you and if so, how often you should do it.


Alcohol and Smoking

Another condition that should be considered after the procedure is that alcohol should not be consumed. You should not consume anything containing alcohol, especially for the first 72 hours. You can keep this period longer so that the healing is fast and fine. Since alcohol has a structure that both dilutes the blood and increases edema, it negatively affects the healing process.

If you have a habit of smoking, you should not smoke on the day of application and the day after. You should also consume as little cigarettes as possible during the recovery period. Smoking contains substances that negatively affect and delay the healing of tissues.

Airplane Trip

If you need to travel, it would be best to postpone your lip fillers procedure. Due to the change in air pressure, your lips may be adversely affected by being exposed to excessive pressure. In order to avoid this risk, you should not travel by plane during the lip fillers aftercare process.


One of the things you should avoid during the recovery process is not doing sports. You should plan to rest and get through this process with actions such as good nutrition and drinking plenty of water.

Individuals who are in the lip fillers aftercare process should avoid sexual intercourse until the healing process is over. Too much blood pressure can lead to complications.


If the amount of swelling, edema or bruising is more than expected, if you have cold sores on the edges of your lips or if you notice symptoms such as discoloration and coldness in and around the lip, you should go to your doctor without delay. Such symptoms may indicate a complication.

In addition, it is not correct to have dental treatment simultaneously with the procedure. If herpes around the lip appears before the application session, the session should be postponed until the herpes heals.

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