Lip Injections Before After

There are things that you should know about lip injections before after. Before having lip injections, make sure you understand the risks involved. Your lips will lose volume as a result of lip fillers, so you may want to see pictures of before and after treatments. Your lips will look different when they heal, so it’s important to follow all instructions. Your healthcare provider will also take a photo of your lips to document the results. You should take the photo with your cell phone, since it will become a permanent part of your medical record.

Before your procedure, avoid taking blood thinners and other medications that can cause bruising. You should also stop using vitamin E and fish oil for at least 10 days before the procedure. If you have a history of cold sores, you should stop taking your preventive medication two days before your appointment. It’s important not to have a cold sore during the procedure, as it can trigger a flare-up.

The risks associated with lip injections are minimal. You can expect some swelling and bruising. These will disappear within one to two weeks, but you can also experience delayed-onset inflammatory nodules, which can occur months or years after the procedure. You should also stop taking vitamin E or fish oil before your procedure. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether your medication is safe for you. If you are taking any medications for a cold sore, it is advisable to stop taking them two days before your treatment. It could cause a flare-up.

Lip Injections Before After: Before The Procedure

There are a few things you should know lip injections before after. Bruising, swelling, and numbing agents are typical side effects. Usually these effects will resolve in one to two weeks, but can last for weeks. In rare cases, you may experience delayed onset inflammatory nodules that appear months or years after the procedure. This can occur with vaccinations, dental cleanings, or even severe viral injections.


It is important to know what to expect before lip injections. The first thing you should know is that your lips have a rich blood supply, and they are thinner than other areas of your face. This means that you can experience some swelling after the procedure, but the amount of swelling is very individual. Typically, the swelling will subside within two weeks. This is perfectly normal and to be expected, but there are some precautions that you should be aware of.

Another important thing to know is what to avoid both lip injections before after the procedure. The doctor will prescribe a topical numbing cream for you to use before the treatment. In addition to avoiding alcohol and smoking for 24 hours before the procedure, you should also avoid chewing anything that could cause bruising. This will help the procedure go smoothly. If you’re nervous, Dr. Engelman will offer you an ice pack to reduce any discomfort.

After lip injection

After lip injections, bruising, and numbness are common but can be minimized by applying a soothing lotion or applying an ice pack. This is recommended for the first two days after the procedure. Do not use ice alone; it can cause mild frostbite and cause damage to freshly injected lips. Instead, you can saturate cotton balls or a cloth with iced water. For the first few days, icing your lips as often as possible is important. You may even want to apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil.

Swelling and bruising after lip injections is the most common side effect. These should subside in two to three days and will be nearly undetectable in a few days. Some patients experience slight pain and bruising at the injection site, but these should go away on their own after a couple of days. Pain, redness, and itchiness should disappear within a week.

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