Lip Swelling Problem After Lip Filling Treatment

Lip swelling problem after a lip filler treatment is really common, but it isn’t something really bad. Patients usually experience a minor amount of swelling the first two days after the procedure. This should subside completely by the fourth day, but if the swelling continues for more than four days, it should be addressed by a doctor. However, it’s important to note that certain medications may worsen the swelling and should be avoided. So, you should be careful about the meds.

On the other hand, you can reduce swelling by using ice or cold compresses. Use a cold compress to apply the ice. For optimum results, use a cold compress several times a day. A soft, non-sticky cloth is ideal.

So, Do not forget swolling is a natural reaction. The swelling is normal and will go away after two weeks. In fact, you can expect to see your results after just two weeks. Swelling should disappear completely by 14 days. If you notice that the swelling doesn’t go away, visit your physician. The medical practitioner will be able to determine what steps should be taken.

About Lip Swelling Problem After Lip Filling Treatment

One thing that you should avoid after getting a lip filler is putting too much pressure on your lips. Using ice can help decrease the swelling. You can also use an ice pack wrapped in a towel. To avoid a sticky substance, use a soft cloth instead. If you’re unable to find a soft cloth, you should use a paper towel. The moistened tissue is likely to cause additional discomfort.


Another common problem after a lip filler is inflammation. This occurs after the filler has been injected into the artery. This causes the blood flow to be decreased. Consequently, the skin tissue around the injected area may die. Other signs include discolouration and white spots or blotches. During this time, the swelling should disappear and your lips will look smoother. If the swelling is severe, it will be gone within 48 hours. You should also know that these are rare side effects.

Lip Swelling After Lip Filling

If your swelling is due to the injections of a liquid or gel, you should apply ice. Ice packs wrapped in a towel will help reduce the swelling. You should also avoid sleeping on your face, as this will worsen the swelling. You should also avoid touching the lip area. In addition you should avoid using sticky substances. All of this will make the swelling worse. It is better to avoid touching the lip area after a filler.

After a lip filler, swelling can cause bruises or lumps on the lips. It’s best to keep the area clean to avoid the risk of infection.

Aside from ice, you should avoid drinking and eating extreme heat to the area for a couple of days after your procedure. A hot shower may cause swelling, so you should avoid hot showers until the swelling has subsided. If you’re concerned about swelling, consider taking a nap. Lie flat on your back or on the side to rest the area. Avoid intense heat.

After your lip filler treatment, you may have some swelling and bruising. Both of are normal and will subside after two weeks. If you’re a candidate for a lip filler, you should consult your physician to discuss your treatment options. If the swelling is more severe than the normal amount, you should talk to your doc about it. Same, if your lips are swollen for more than two weeks, you should consult your medical professional to prevent any further problems or complications.

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