Swollen Lips After Lip Filler

After a lip filler, you may experience swollen lips. It’s common for your lips to be tender, but you can avoid the pain by taking some precautions. You can use a cold compress to reduce the swelling. You can also try sleeping on your back to relieve pressure on your lips. It’s also a good idea to avoid extreme heat and avoid taking a hot shower.

You’ll want to avoid rubbing your lips too hard after a lip filler. It’s important to limit your contact with the sun for the first few days. This will help the skin to heal faster. It’s important to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try to limit your intake of spicy food and alcohol for at least 48 hours after your treatment. Swollen lips are a natural part of the healing process and will subside over time.

During the first day after a lip filler, you might have some lumps and bruises on your lips. However, you shouldn’t worry too much. This will subside in time and within a week. If the swelling persists, you should consult a doctor to get a second opinion. If you’re worried about the swelling, a cosmetic specialist may be able to help you.

About Swollen Lips After Lip Filler

Swollen lips after lip filler are normal after a filler procedure. They are the result of the injection of a fatty substance called collagen. In time, this swelling will subside. A healthy person’s lips will look fuller and more youthful than ever. Swollen lips can also make you appear younger and more confident.


If your lips swell after a lip filler, it is essential to rest them for 48 hours. Exercise can increase your body temperature and blood circulation, which can aggravate the swelling. For the first 24 hours, stay indoors and use a cool tea towel to cover the icepack and apply it on your lips if your doc recommends it. If your lips swell even more after the procedure, you should take a nap or rest. The icepack can help your body recover more quickly and prevent worsen the problem.

Using an ice pack is a comman way to reduce swelling after a lip filler. You should cover the icepack with a tea towel to prevent the ice from coming into direct contact with your lips. Furthermore, you should consume plenty of water and eat a lot of healthy foods. In a few days, you’ll be able to resume normal activities. While your lips may be a bit sore, the cold compress will keep the swelling under control. However as always you need to ask your doc about any kind of application such as ice pack using.

You should also know that drinking plenty of water helps the healing of your lip tissues and it may reduce swelling problem. Also, vegetables and fruits helps your swelling issue. You may consume acai bowls and smooties. These kind of foods are also easy to consume and don’t put pressure on your month and lips.

Swollen Lips Problem After Lip Filler

The swelling is a natural reaction to the filler, and it will decrease after two weeks. If it doesn’t go away by that time, you should see your physician. If your lips are swollen, it is normal. If it continues to last more than two weeks, this could be something you need to ask your doc.

Well, after your lip filler treatment, you may notice that your lips are slightly swollen. This is a natural reaction to the filler, and it makes your lips appear fuller and plumper. The swelling should go away completely after two weeks, and you should see results in 14 to 16 days. Then, the expected result will be seen.


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