Swollen Lips After Lip Fillers

Swollen lips after lip fillers are quite common and actually not a cause for concern. You can get rid of the swelling problem thanks to some situations that you can pay attention to at home. You will be told by your doctor what you should and should not do. You should not forget that your doctor tells you the best advices about the situations that what need to careful about after the procedure.

Well, what should you do to fix the swollen lips condition? The first thing you need to be careful about is to rest and avoid anything that can harm your lips. Do not apply any cosmetic product on the lips for at least 24 hours. The ingredients in cosmetic products can damage your sensitive lips. The same is true for drugs. However, if your doctor gives permission, you can use products such as Arnica gel, which are widely used after botox application and which many people are satisfied with.

How To Reduce Edema From Swollen Lips After Lip Fillers?

To reduce edema from swollen lips after lip fillers you should limit salt consumption. Likewise, you should stay away from packaged foods that contains high sodium rate. Meals such as fast food can also cause edema. Therefore, you should consume healthy foods such as salads, smoothies and purees. While eating or drinking anything, you should be careful that it is not too hot or too cold.


Another thing you should pay attention to during the healing process is to consume plenty of water. Drinking water both helps tissues heal and is good for edema.

During this period, you should rest and avoid doing sports. Intense physical activity raises the heart rate. This can delay the healing of your lips and increase the problems of bruising, swollen and increase the risk of developing complications such as bleeding and infection.

Apart from these, another situation that you should pay attention to is that you do not lean forward on the first application day and do not lie on your face at night. Otherwise, the botox injected during the procedure may spread to unwanted places. Therefore, you should really pay attention to this element so that the result is not bad.

Massage With Ice Pack

In general, it is recommended by doctors to gently massage the lips with an ice pack to reduce the problem of swollen lips. However, this may not suit everyone; therefore, be sure to consult your doctor about the ice application.

If you are going to apply ice, you should know that it is absolutely wrong to put the ice cubes directly to the lip and it is very likely to cause complications. Therefore, an ice pack is recommended. It is also recommended to wrap the ice pack in a cloth. In this way, your lips will cool down more slowly and without getting wet, and edema will dissipate.

During the application, gently massage your lips with circular movements without pressing on it.

After taking a break for 5 minutes and repeating it 3-4 times, you can take a break for half an hour or 1 hour and repeat the ice application in the form of 3-4 repetitions.

You should remember that this content is written for informational purposes and you should contact your doctor first about any situation. Likewise, you should consult your doctor before applying the suggestions you hear from your close friends and relatives. You should not forget that each individual’s own body structure is different and your doctor will give the best recommendations by examining your examination findings after your lip fillers treatment.

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