Targeted Botox Injection Sites

Targeted Botox injection sites can make the upper lip roll outward and minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. You may also benefit if you’ve noticed that your gums tend to show when you smile, because Botox calms the muscles that pull your lips back. If you’re interested in Botox injections for this purpose, read on to learn more about the procedure and what to expect.

Optimal Botox İnjection Sites

Optimal Botox injection sites are important, as they play a large role in the final result. In order to determine where to inject Botox, your doctor will first evaluate you, and may ask you to perform controlled facial movements to help pinpoint which muscle groups are involved in your problem. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, your doctor may use ultrasound imaging to find the optimal Botox injection site. The injection site should not include muscles other than those needed for the treatment of your complaint.

Although the upper third of your face is the most optimal area for Botox injection, the lower portion of your face requires more care. Injection sites that are too close to the upper orbital bone, for instance, can cause ptosis, an unsightly drooping of the eyelids. The lower part of the face is also susceptible to Botox injection, so you should seek a professional who has experience treating this area.

Side Effects

The most common side effects of botox injection are mild, transient, reversible, and localized. While they will generally go away on their own, they may last for a few days or a few weeks in some cases. The injection site may become sore or numb after the procedure, and these symptoms usually go away within two to ten days. In rare cases, patients may experience paresthesia in the treated area. This is due to nerve trauma.


Other common Botox side effects include difficulty breathing or swallowing. If these side effects happen, contact your doctor immediately, or call 911 for emergency assistance. Other side effects include dizziness, blurred vision, or drooping eyelids. In some cases, botulism can lead to serious breathing and swallowing problems, and people who already have asthma or heart disease are particularly vulnerable. The injection site may also cause an allergic reaction. However, Botox has not caused any serious allergic reactions in clinical studies.


The cost of Botox injections varies greatly depending on your location, needs, and provider. This article will provide you with an average price range for botox treatment and give you some questions to ask your provider during your initial consultation. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to choose an accredited board-certified plastic surgeon who has been in the industry for many years. This means that you’ll be getting better quality treatment for a higher price.

Facelift treatment costs vary by area treated. Injecting the forehead can cost up to $800 per injection. The FDA has approved specific areas of the forehead for Botox injections. These areas include the glabella, the “11s” between the eyes, and horizontal forehead lines. The exact number of units required depends on the location of the lines to be treated. It is important to note, however, that too much Botox can lead to side effects.

Botox Injection Sites: Technique

There are three main types of Botox injection sites. These include the frontalis, lateral frontalis, and medial forehead. The frontalis is the most frequently treated, and has a variety of benefits, including correcting Spock’s deformity. The other two are less commonly treated, but are equally effective in correcting the appearance of both areas. Techniques for both of these areas are completely customizable, allowing a physician to tailor the treatment to each patient’s unique requirements.

The toxins should be distributed evenly throughout the area, 2.5-3 cm from the injection site. The injection should not be done close to important facial nerves, such as the glabella. The forehead is commonly treated for horizontal wrinkles, which are caused by the frontalis, a large muscle in the forehead. Using the right technique, the Botox injections can achieve the desired results and reduce unwanted facial lines.

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