Wrinkle Treatment With Botox

Wrinkle treatment with botox – Botox (botox) is a toxin produced from a bacterium called colustridium botulinium. This bacteria is not snake venom, which is a very wrong belief. Well, what? We can say that it is a corrupt canned poison, but it is simplified a million times over. This toxin is applied to open the wrinkles and to a certain degree of stretching and pulling up (lifting).

Over time, depending on aging, genetic factors or environmental factors, wrinkles will form in our facial area. The reason for the formation of these wrinkles is our facial expressions that we have used over the years. We use our mimics by moving the muscle groups in that area, and over time, wrinkles form on the skin over these muscle groups. It is quite natural. Of course, this unsatisfactory situation will occur in everyone at different ages, depending on the genetics of the person and other factors.

Top Face Applications With Botox

Wrinkle treatment with botox – The most preferred botox (botox) applications. Settled wrinkles in the upper part of the face (forehead and around the eyes) can make us look older than normal, tired or sullen (especially between the eyebrows).

Botox comes at the beginning of the applications to be done to eliminate or lighten these wrinkles. With Botox, the forehead lines and wrinkles around the eyes, which we call crow’s feet, can be intervened to make it younger, more dynamic by lifting the eyebrows a little, and by intervening in the area between the eyebrows, it can be achieved to get away from the angry look with frowning eyebrows.

Botox Lower Face Applications

Wrinkle treatment with botox – These are toxin applications that are used more rarely and require advanced experience. Lip and nose contours, chin and neck wrinkles enter the lower part of the face.

By intervening the muscles above and below the lip, thin lines called cigarette lines can be alleviated. Wrinkles that occur when we squeeze our chin, pitted lines (marionette lines) formed on both sides of the age-related chin, bands on the neck (turkey neck) can also be alleviated with botox applications.

Having Botox whenever the time comes is actually a very serious investment for the future. Since our mimic muscles in those areas will be used much less than necessary, even if we get older, the skin wrinkles on it will not reflect our age.


The effect of botox in wrinkle treatments starts within 2-5 days and lasts for 4-6 months in the first applications and 6-7 months in the repeated applications. However, it should be noted that these periods may vary from person to person.

However, the patient who stands in front of the mirror will determine the repetition time best. When our wrinkles started to come back, it means it’s time to reapply botox.

How İs Wrinkle Treatment with Botox – Applied?

With small injectors with fine needle tips (30G-31G-32G thickness specially produced for Botox), the skin layer is passed through and applied to the underlying muscle layer. The application is sometimes made into the dermis layer of the skin (especially in the treatment of sweating and mesobotox). Thus, a direct effect is provided on the skin layer where the problem occurs.

How Does Botox Work?

This toxin causes a certain degree of paralysis by cutting off the conductivity between the muscle and the nerve endings that cause the problem. Don’t let this term “paralysis” scare you.

After Botox Procedure

After this procedure, it is important to use sunscreen cream and protect the skin from impacts for 1 day, not rubbing. In addition, 2 days after the procedure, no upside down work should be done, no shower with extremely hot water, sauna and hammam should be avoided, and one should not lie face down. Although it is controversial, it is said that excessive alcohol consumption in the first 2 days may have a negative effect on botox (botox).

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